What our customer says ..

First I would like to thank all of you and especially Patriji for this trip. The meditation during the trip was intense. I was feeling slightly out of the world for nearly a week after I landed.  The amount of care taken by the organisers is really commendable. Manoj, Vamsi and Pradeep really took care of everyone especially given that most of my colleagues were elderly requiring more attention and care. The vegetarian food at Suly resort was really delicious. In fact I could appreciate the love and care in each morsel.

We will keep coming back for more. Please let us know about future trips.

Immense gratitude to Patriji. I am now reading more about psycho somatisation and much of what he talked about and I will learn the way forward in spreading the message.                       

 My children and Bindi really enjoyed. My mother was really relaxed

– Mini, Abu Dhabhi

The trip to Bali was wonderful! The organizers  Manoj, Vamsi, and Pradeep did a super job of keeping the group happy. We were well cared, food and water was never an issue even in the local trips. They took good care by not letting us stay hungry or thirsty.

The stay at Suly Resort was comfortable. Our host Ms. Rini was so hospitable. Such a very kind sweet soul she is.

I loved the meditations with Patriji. The energy he brings down for us lesser mortals is immense. We get into meditative state easily in his presence. And his soul rendering flute recital is like being in Brindavan with divine music.

Thank you the Trimurthis who made the Bali trip an enjoyable and memorable one. God bless you.

– Bindi, Pondicherry