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Meditation Tours and Travels (MTT) was set up by three friends under the guidance of Enlightened Grand Master Patriji. Their collective mission is to teach Meditation& Spiritual Science to every seeker of Truth & Happiness. MTT serves as a channel to spread Meditation all over the Planet Earth.


The company envisions for every person to gain tremendous wisdom from their spiritual travels to Scared places &meditating in highly energized spots on the Earth. The beauty of Life, Celebration & Oneness can be experienced while travelling in group with Senior Meditators & Enlightened Masters.

Meet the Founders

Pradeep Vijay Kumar

Pradeep Vijay Kumar is an Australian citizen who is originally from India. In 2008, his quest for eternal happiness led him to the practice of meditation under the guidance of Subash Patriji, Founder of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM).  He found all answers to his questions about life and his life purpose on Earth through his meditation practice. In 2010, he started teaching meditation in Melbourne, Australia.

On 2nd Oct 2014, at the Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists in Pyramid Valley(India), Pradeep was made the custodian of a 144 facet ‘Divine Power’ crystal. Patriji and Nina Brown from USA gifted the Divine Crystal to him at a ceremony inside the Pyramid, where Earth joined the Galactic Council.  Since then he has conducted numerous ‘Divine Crystal Oneness Meditation’ workshops in India, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Indonesia and Philippines. It is his mission to inspire and conduct meditation sessions all over the world in the presence of ‘Divine Crystal’. During the Divine Crystal Meditation sessions, participants receive Galactic Energy Codes radiating from ‘Divine Crystal’ which activates their true human potential to radiate Joy, Kindness, Compassion, Love and ultimately experience ONENESS. Through this company, Pradeep aspires for people to uplift themselves and experience pyramid energies through their travels to both ancient and new age pyramid sites around the world.

Vamsi Krishna

Vamsi Krishna is from Chennai, India. A trained civil engineer, he started his career constructing pyramids. During his career, he learned that pyramid-shaped structures are built to resist earthquakes and other natural calamities. Later on he came to know that pyramids are also used for meditation practice. This led him to the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM) in 2002, where he actively discovered and experimented with pyramids and meditation. He has attained great inner peace and multiple health benefits by doing meditation using pyramids. His direct experience allowed him to realize the importance of meditating under or inside pyramids. Following the guidance of the Founder of PSSM, Subhash Patriji, he started conducting workshops and seminars on pyramid meditation and took up pyramid construction projects in India and abroad. He feels very much guided to impart his knowledge about meditation and pyramids and is excited to take spiritual seekers to pyramid sites around the world.

Manoj Kumar

Manoj Kumar is from Kadapa, AndraPradesh, India.  He has been practicing Anapanasati Meditation since the age of nine. As a child, he was curious about life and had in his mind questions such as ‘Where are we from? What is this universe? and What happens after death?’ He got all his questions answered through his meditation practice. A sincere seeker, at one time he stayed in silence and meditated for 41 consecutive days while maintaining a liquid food diet. After joining the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM), he conducted meditation classes in schools and colleges in India and found the journey towards spirituality to be a never ending one. He feels it is his mission to spread meditation for universal peace. He is eager for people to celebrate joy and oneness through their travels with Meditation Tours & Travels.

What Our Customers Say ..

First I would like to thank all of you and especially Patriji for this trip. The meditation during the trip was intense. I was feeling slightly out of the world for nearly a week after I landed.  The amount of care taken by the organizers is really commendable .. Read More

– Mini, Abu Dhabhi


The trip to Bali was wonderful! The organisers  Manoj, Vamsi, and Pradeep did a super job. The stay at Suly Resort was comfortable. Our host Ms. Rini was so hospitable. Such a very kind sweet soul she is .. Read More

– Bindi, Pondicherry

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